October 29, 2012

San Diego Lifestyle Photographer goes Abroad to Hawaii

Well, here is my first official post for Forever Young Photography by Paige aka yours truly. I set a goal for myself, after my expedition to the Hawaiian Islands, to start a blog to track my adventures as I pursue my career in photography and the people I meet. I figured by documenting my trip and adventures in Maui, I would have a great start to kick my butt and blog into gear.

Before I dive into the adventures of my trip, here is a little history about me. I graduated from the Art Institute of California San Diego in June with a Bachelors of Science in Advertising with a focus in copywriting. Funny right? Two opposite ends of the spectrum photography and copywriting. My love for photography started when I received my first paycheck at age 14 and purchased a 35mmm Canon rebel. You know Film, Old school!  I worked at Sears Portrait Studio for over six years and I have never been able to put that camera down. I ended up pursuing a different career path to challenge myself. I have now been working at a boutique-marketing firm and design studio for almost two months. I am now dating a family friend, which I have known for quite awhile now and kind of crazy head over heels for. Okay, not going to get into the cheesy-ness, <3 you sweetheart.

Back to present day, I am on my last leg home from Maui with only an hour and 53 minutes to go sitting in between my grandpa who thinks he is 21, my crazy cousin who I absolutely adore, and my 2nd baby nestled cozy above my head, relax it’s just my Canon 60d. I wanted to challenge myself this past week by photographing the beautiful landscapes of the Hawaiian land, which is a change from the lifestyle portraits I love. So here you go, Maui from through the eyes of a San Diego Lifestyle photographer.

Snorkel Tour on the Pride of Maui to Molokini and Turtle Town.

Maui, Hawaii

GoZip Adventures in Maui.

Ziplining Maui, Hawaii

One morning my cousin and I decided to take a photography adventure along the shoreline of our hotel, Aston Kaanapali Shores Maui.

Maui, Hawaii

I showed her the basics of photography; boy, did she want to dive right in and take control. Yes, I let her actually snap a couple portraits of me, the girl who stays behind the camera!

One of our last stops in the trip was Black Rock Beach in front of the Sheraton Hotel. Unfortunately  the waves were extremely choppy and had low visibility. This beach was absolutely stunning though!

Overall, this trip was an amazing graduation present from my grandparents. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa!

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