August 1, 2013

Shawna & Eric Maternity Portraits

Meet Shawna & Eric! I met this sweet couple last year during the holidays when we photographed their extended family while they were all in town! It was a beautiful evening in Rancho San Diego at the Sweetwater Bridge. With mom alongside we had so much fun hiking around the area and taking portraits and oh my lord are they a stunning couple 🙂 Show them some love! Xoxo Paige

Maternity Portraits-6

Maternity Portraits-7

Maternity Portraits-13

Maternity Portraits-17

Maternity Portraits-25

Maternity Portraits-37

Maternity Portraits-50

Maternity Portraits-53

Maternity Portraits-61

Maternity Portraits-69

Maternity Portraits-81

Maternity Portraits-89

Maternity Portraits-93

Maternity Portraits-100

Maternity Portraits-123

Maternity Portraits-127

Maternity Portraits-134

Maternity Portraits-140

Maternity Portraits-143

Maternity Portraits-145

Maternity Portraits-150

Maternity Portraits-162

Maternity Portraits-166

Maternity Portraits-179

Maternity Portraits-185

Maternity Portraits-195

Maternity Portraits-201

Maternity Portraits-205

Maternity Portraits-208

Maternity Portraits-210

Maternity Portraits-213

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