June 22, 2015

Meet Coco!

Over the course of the last two weeks Jeff and I had been in the process of finding the perfect addition to our little family unit. We wanted to create a Furrever Home for someone sweet and we had been turned down twice through Organizations due to someone else adopting first. We were on the verge of giving up for a little while since it was extremely difficult to even meet the dogs through the companies we were going through. My best Friend Erin recommended looking into visiting the San Diego Humane Society. We decided to give it one more last try. We walked through the beautiful center and this little nugget jumped up on top of her crate to look out the window at us, she sat there quietly and patiently.

After speaking with the adoption counselor, she had us meet Coco. Coco was super shy, timid, and barely made a peep. After awhile she got comfortable around us and just kind of pranced around. We went ahead with the adoption hoping that with a little love and care she would come out of her introverted shell down the road. Oh BOY! Within an hour of being home she was running “Hot Laps” as Jeff calls it around the apartment, is full of charm and Sass, spazzing out whenever Jeff is around, puffs her chest and prances around letting us know she is the queen of the castle, and is the biggest Cuddle Bug. She has been the perfect addition to our little family and I cannot wait to share more photographs of her! XOXO Paige¬†11535665_10207260871025646_5939879402048088430_nunnamed (2)unnamedunnamed (1)11714_10207237302116438_2117433374993130824_n unnamed (3)unnamed (4)

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