June 27, 2015

The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience by Jasmine Star

Over the last six weeks, a beautiful woman swept the photography nation by opening her heart and soul to all of us willing to learn and to grow. Over the past six weeks, I invested in and participated in 30 lessons called the Complete Wedding Photographer Experience. All while working a full time job, photographing on the weekends weddings & portrait sessions, and experiencing health issues. I spent late nights watching the course on my tablet, listening to it on my way to work, on my lunch break, listening to it on my way home from work, and running to Jeff with every new piece of information I learned, excited to put it to work! The Course was filled with Love, Laughter, Tears, and Education. I have learned and gained confidence in shooting in full sun to using dental wax for posing rings, to camera settings, camera equipment, posing, workflow, life, style, love, passion, and most of all grit.

To be completely open and honest, I almost quit a year ago I was sitting in the bed of Jeff’s Truck willing to succumb to being another statistic of a business failing within it’s first year of being open. Jeff helped me pick up the pieces and encouraged me to move forward, learn from the past, and strive to grow and be better with every shoot and every wedding. A year later, New Equipment, New Computers, New Lenses, Many Bottles of wine and one Wedding Photographers Boot Camp my business has never been the same! In this course, I have learned who I am as a photographer, I have defined my style, I have taken chances, and I am so excited for what the future has in store. It is not very often that education can be this powerful!

Thank you Jasmine Star for opening up and sharing your hard work in the Creative Live Class! I wish you two a life full of love, happiness, and lots of traveling! XOXO Paige



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