December 30, 2015


I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays and excited for the new year! I wanted to slow down and really show appreciation for this past year and for my Fiance Jeff! In 2014 Jeff worked out of State almost 5 days week for a majority of the year at a New Armed Forces base that was being built and I was photographing shoots and weddings on the weekends, which left not a lot of time for us to be adventurous. So, on New Years Eve last year I asked Jeff if we could make 2015 our year to remember, a year to travel and explore, a year to try new things and accomplish our goals! Holy Cow, I never knew quite what 2015 had in store for us.

We traveled to local places like Big Bear and Lake Cuyamaca, we went camping, and traveled as far as Maui, Hawaii. We tried new things that the each other likes to do like going to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and Jeff taking me to a Nascar Race. Both of our vehicles died on us and purchased new vehicles. We even adopted our first Furr Baby together Coco 🙂 Together we reached our Education Goals, Jeff passed his State Board Exam to become a Fire Alarm Electrician and I have participated in two Wedding Photography Courses.

But little did I know that Jeff had something hidden up his sleeve. I thought it would be a fun idea to have a photoshoot while we were in Maui to document our trip, plus we had no professional photographs of us! I know crazy right lol! Anyways, at the end of the photoshoot, the sun began to set and our amazing photographer took a step back to let us just enjoy this beautiful moment. Little did I know, Jeff proposed at the end of the shoot, so romantic to have it happen at a time that it could be documented! But it is not about the places or things, it’s about living life with my best friend, my love, my sweetheart! I’m one lucky girl 🙂

I want to say thank you to my Sweetheart, this past year has been one for the record books, thank you for following me through this crazy adventure we call life, for allowing our little family unit to grow by four paws, and for allowing me to ask for such a crazy New Years Eve Resolution to just experience life to the fullest!

Here are some of our Photographs from our photoshoot in Maui by Caitlin Cathey Photography! Lets make 2016 even more memorable! XOXO Paige

P0354_Koerner_0046T P0354_Koerner_0103T P0354_Koerner_0108 P0354_Koerner_0161T P0354_Koerner_0170 P0354_Koerner_0180 P0354_Koerner_0182T P0354_Koerner_0200 P0354_Koerner_0217 P0354_Koerner_0453 P0354_Koerner_0463T P0354_Koerner_0586T P0354_Koerner_0593 P0354_Koerner_0615T P0354_Koerner_0616 P0354_Koerner_0638 P0354_Koerner_0643

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