June 16, 2016

Our Adventure to Colorado

I don’t even know or have the words to start this post. Jeff and I traveled to Colorado with my grandparents to watch my Cousin Michael tie the knot to the love of his life Ellen! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception at Crooked Willow Farms. What an amazing celebration of love, life and happily ever after. Since I have never been to Colorado before, Jeff and I arrived a few days early to get the full taste of Life in Colorado in all her glory. The first day we were there we took a roadtrip to the Ski Town of Breckenridge, the streets were empty with not a skier in sight since it was off season for skiing even though they got a few inches of snow over night. We hiked along this paved trail that runs through the middle of the town alongside this beautiful little creek. From there Jeff and I found the vistors center and asked for the best hike in town where we could find snow. She had us take a back road out of town that drove us up to the top of one of the mountains. We came upon a trail called Aspen Alley and it was this beautiful trail that was covered in patches of snow. But the real kicker is about a mile in we turn a corner and it was the most beautiful, breath taking view I have ever seen. We were completely across from the ski mountains of Breckenridge. The next day Jeff and I decided to bear the 40 degree water of The Clear Creek River and went white water rafting with Clear Creek Rafting Co. We were able to hop on last minute with the intermediate team and we were whisked away in a school bus to the intermediate section of the river. We soon discovered that we were pretty early in the season and they were still waiting on snow to melt and the water levels were pretty low. It was a very technical experience since we had to wiggle our way around so many rocks that typically didn’t cause any issues. And of course you know me, the clumsy one! We went down a drop that was the toughest part of the day and in the middle of going down the drop a raft from behind hit us and I got knocked out and into the water. I am very comfortable in the water since I grew up playing water polo and was relaxing myself so I could rise to the surface and luckily our guide was quick to get me back in the boat.

It was truly an amazing trip to be able to see and do so many wonderful things. It was so wonderful to see my family from Colorado and partake in all the wedding festivities. It was one of those trips where I hardly took any photos besides on my phone. We were too busy just living life to the fullest. Jeff thank you for being the best Travel Buddy I could ask for! To my Colorado Family Thank you for having us and I cannot wait to see you in February XOXO Paige

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Cellphone Photos!!!

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  1. Grandma says:

    great blog! beautiful pictures! fun trip!

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