February 18, 2020

National Park: Grand Canyon & Three Year Anniversary

Grand Canyon National Park

Happy Anniversary Jeff, I love you more and more with every passing day!

As I sat down to start typing our 3 Year Anniversary Blog Post, I realized that I had not shared photographs from our trip to Arizona yet! Where did the last few months go?! So what a fun way to celebrate our 3rd year of marriage with a trip down memory lane as we took our first cross-state camping trip with our pop-up trailer!

First off! We didn’t even think we were going to make it to the Grand Canyon, the days leading up to the trip Northern Arizona was getting upwards of 4 feet of snow in certain areas! We had to stop in Laughlin on Day 1 due to the interstate being shut down. Oh, my word! I had never been before and that was a unique experience, to say the least haha! My favorite memory is Jeff calling me to come downstairs to the bar area because three ladies were trying to convince him to go dance on the dance floor! Still makes me laugh out loud!

On Day 2, we did eventually learn that we got snowed out of our campground and had to book a hotel just outside the park. We found online the Grand Hotel, which was the most amazing hotel ever!!! I think it was due to the fact that they were all decked out for the holidays! Plus we got to sit by the fire both nights, so romantic! Thanks to the Grand Hotel for allowing us to park our Trailer in your parking lot, HA!

Finally, by day 3 of the trip, we made it to the Grand Canyon! Woohooo! When we scheduled this trip, I had told Jeff that I was secretly hoping for a little dusting of snow. My dream was to see the Grand Canyon while it slightly capped in white. Boy oh Boy, did I get my wish! Not only did I get a dusting they got three feet of snow on Thanksgiving! Holy Moly! But it was seriously the most incredible experience!

Seriously, the Grand Canyon had us both at a loss for words! Colors are incredible and rich. It seriously is one of the most magnificent sights I have ever seen. It almost seems unreal, it looked like a painting! No Picture will ever do this National Park justice.

Jeff, thank you for always going on these crazy adventures with me! I truly am blessed to have married my best friend, lover, and the biggest goofball I have ever met! These past three years have been incredible and I cannot wait for many more anniversaries to celebrate with you! XOXO

Grand Canyon Information:

  • ¬†Grand Canyon Admission is $35 per Car, you can prepay at the outside visitors center before the entrance to avoid the long lines.
    • We eventually traded our Admission in for an Annual Pass.
  • Off-Season is a great time of year to visit! It felt like we had the Canyon to ourselves throughout the day.
  • You can definitely do the Grand Canyon in one day if needed!
    • If you only have one day the Southern Rim is the best way to maximize your time!
  • Start by going to the Visitor’s Center!
    • They have lots of information, free shuttles to all the major spots along the southern rim.
  • The Visitor’s Center has two great little shows on the Grand Canyon and is a must-watch!
  • Honestly, the best advice I can give is to grab a map get in your car or hop on the shuttle and go explore!

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