September 2, 2014

My Best Friend Got Married!

Meet Erin and Dj! They were Married this Past Saturday at the Sweet Water Reservoir in San Diego, CA! Hahaha I thought I would start this post off like all my others, but honestly I could never find the words to say to express how much I appreciate being apart of this beautiful day! Erin and I have been friends for quite a few years now and instead of being behind the camera, I got to help partake in all the festivities and be on the other side of the camera for once! Erin and my family go way back that the time we have been friends. Our youngest sisters, middle sisters, and mothers have been friends for more years that I can count on my hands. It took one night at some shady poker hall/bar in College area to bring us two together. Fast forward five years later we are still great friends, but also roommates and coworkers! What a funny world we live in 😀

Erin you were seriously the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and I want to thank you for teaching me to step outside of the box and to not be afraid to break loose in this world and show them who I really am. For letting me know when I am being lame and for letting me tell you when you are being a pain, but most of all like you said we let each other be the most we can be and be completely ourselves no matter what the outcome is. For not murdering me when I shrank Dj’s clothes or when I sneak away because I like going to bed early. For laughing with me instead of at me when I am being well, Paige lol although I am sure some of those times you are laughing at me alongside Dj and Jeff.

I am so happy that you and Dj finally tied the knot! You two deserve the world and I wish you two nothing but the best in life!  XOXO Paige

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