January 4, 2015

Forever Young Photography By Paige | Best of 2014 Weddings | San Diego Wedding Photographer

2014 was quite an incredible year for Forever Young Photography, it was our busiest yet! We photographed 100 photoshoots on the dot and was able to capture 15 beautiful weddings. This past year, we have been featured on Inspire Me Baby, became a member of The Knot Wedding Website, received 23 Five Star Reviews on Facebook, we hosted our first stylized photoshoot, and upgraded to new Camera Equipment. But to be completely honest it is not about the number of weddings or photoshoots, it’s about the fact that we were given 115 wonderful opportunities to capture your beautiful lives! We are incredibly blessed to be able to have these wonderful chances and the best thing about this is, not only do I get to work with amazing clients like you and vendors, but I have gained so many friends! I love getting to watch all these amazing moments unfold and watch as kids grow up, couples get engaged and married. What a beautiful and amazing job I have to work with all of you! The Forever Young Photography Family 😀

A Big thank you is in order for my Family and Friends! Jeff, my partner and crime, thank you for making me tea on all those late nights, for turning off my computer on nights I needed to go to bed, and for my new and amazing camera bag. For pushing me and challenging me to be better each and every-time I stepped out the door for a shoot. For encouraging me when I was doubtful for the future of this company and for listening to me ramble on about each and new feature of this company. Thank you to each member of my family for putting up with me, helping me grow, and not getting mad at me on nights that I needed to stay home and edit versus going to Thursday Night football dinners or leaving early from a family gathering so I could go home and work. I would not be able to do this without each and everyone of you.

2015 Goals

-Better Communication (This will always be a goal, Communication will always be key!)

– Have a booth at the San Diego Bridal Bazaar

– Blog Personal Sessions & Blog all Portrait Sessions and Weddings to show off your amazing 2015 Moments

– Photograph a portrait session at Disneyland

Okay, are you guys ready to see some wedding photographs from 2014?!?
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Forever Young Photography By Paige

Forever Young Photography By Paige

Forever Young Photography By Paige

Forever Young Photography By Paige





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