March 20, 2017

A Monday in The Hills

Happy Monday! I cannot wait for Wedding Season to kick off this weekend, I get to capture Barb and Jim tie the knot at Bali Hai on Sunday! I am truly honored to be apart of their special day! It has officially been too long since I have dived into photography!

So Who saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend?!!! We did and it was incredible!!

But the best part of this weekend was we received our Wedding Portraits back from the amazing Shane and Lauren Photography!!! Just in time for us to celebrate our 1 month anniversary, Cheesy! Yes, I Know :p I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

P.S. I was very nervous about the day flying by, so I was reading articles on how to really live in the moment and be fully present for our wedding day. To ignore all the distractions of what could go wrong or the weather lol! I read online that a photographer asks their couples to wiggle their toes throughout the day. This forces the couples to take a minute and feel the ground beneath them and it makes them stop to think about what is going on! I told Jeff about my discovery and throughout the day it became a thing, OUR thing! We were reminding each other to stop throughout the day, smell the flowers, and to wiggle our toes! Even my bridesmaids were doing it 😀 It might be something small, but it will forever be our favorite memory of the wedding day and something we can tell our kids someday. So always remember to wiggle your toes!

We got married at Milagro Farm Vineyard and Winery the weekend that Lucifer, the biggest storm our city had seen in 20 years, hit San Diego! But Nothing was going to stop us from having the time of our lives! Coordinates to our Wedding venue <3On my birthday, Jeff picked out this bottle of perfume for me to wear on the wedding day! How did I get so lucky to marry this Stud Muffin?!Besides our Ceremony, the First Look was my absolute favorite part of our Wedding day! It was so beautiful, intimate, and flat out amazing! We are wiggling our toes!

My bouquet and all of the floral arrangements were stunning, Thank you to the amazing I Do Flowers for you!!!!

Our ceremony was supposed to be held outside on their grass lawn under these big oak trees, but with the rain we opted for the ceremony to be held in the underground Wine Cellar. This was truly Romantic!

Being the Disney nerd I am, Of course I had a table with hints of Beauty and the Beast. Get it, Be our guest and a candelabra?! This was my late Great Grandma’s old sowing desk! Thank you Grandpa for refinishing it for us! The Best DJ in town, Sound Prodigy! Check Pat’s company out!   Jeff, you truly are my Greatest Adventure!

  1. Barb says:

    So very happy that your big day turned out so magical!
    Sooo excited for this weekend, and I love the part about wiggling your toes!
    Thank you so much for being such a special part of our happily ever after!
    XO Barb

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