April 3, 2017

A Monday in the Hills

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! This past week has been an exciting one as I have taken on a new adventure, one that I am very passionate about. I am now a consultant for the California Cosmetic company Beautycounter. Over the past two years I have been on the hunt for a makeup company that would last during wedding season, over this time I found that it ended up damaging my skin along the way. I was introduced to Beautycounter by one of my dear friends and fell in love with the products and it’s mission and within a short amount of time I became so passionate about the products and the company I decided I wanted to share what I found with the world!

It blew my mind when I learned that the United States only bans 11 ingredients from being used in the cosmetic industry and that a law regulating this has not been passed since 1938! How crazy is this? Beautycounter has a Never List, which consists of 1,500 ingredients they vow to never use!

If I could recommend my top three favorite Products so far it would be the Tint Skin Foundation, Sheer Lipstick, and the Lengthening Mascara! If you have any questions or are interested you can email me at pkoerner3@gmail.com, text me, or private message me on Facebook.


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