February 25, 2018

One Year Anniversary Trip Part 2 | Athens, Greece

It was incredibly hard to top our first part of our One Year Anniversary trip to Santorini, but Athens, Greece did not disappoint! Athens is a city full of so much charm, history, and beauty. We stayed at Home and Poetry, one of Athens’ newest hotels in the Plaka District. The hotel was to die for! Heated Bathroom floors, stunning rooftop view, and the tiniest elevator we have ever used. Party of two going up! HA!

Walking around the Acropolis Hill is one of the most amazing experiences. It truly grounds you and it is remarkable to see all of the beautiful architecture built thousands of years ago. 

“Athens, the eye of Greece. The Mother of Arts and eloquence.” 

Parliament and the Changing of the Guard protecting the tomb of the unknown soldier.

The prettiest library I have ever seen! Books are another way to my heart!

The Acropolis museum was breathtaking, a beautiful building full of artifacts from the Acropolis and Parthenon. The craziest feature of this museum it is built above ancient ruins and when you are walking on the first floor it is made of glass and you can see the ancient ruins below. I definitely was walking on the cross beams on the floor, it was a little scary walking on the glass.

We were fortunate enough to celebrate Valentine’s day  while we were in Athens. We went to a cute little restaurant called the Rooftop Bar. I found the amazing wine I have ever tasted, Thema Sauvignon Blanc and the food was spectacular. Again, another tiny elevator only for two!

Greece, we left a piece of our heart with you! Thank you for all of your beauty, history, and adventure. We have officially been bitten by the travel bug. We have always enjoyed exploring California, but we are ready to see the more of what this incredible world has to offer.

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