April 11, 2018

Ryan & Meagan | Portofino Hotel & Marina Wedding

Congratulations to Ryan and Meagan, they tied the knot at the American Martyrs Catholic Church and then danced the night away at the Portofino Hotel & Marina in Redondo Beach, California! I don’t even know where to begin 🙂 All week-long Mother Nature was threatening us with massive amounts of rain for St Patrick’s Day Weekend and even when I departed from San Diego the morning of their wedding day it was raining cats and dogs!!!! By the time I passed Oceanside, mother nature had answered our prayers and we had a beautiful sunny wedding day for these two love birds! I had the pleasure of photographing them when they were part of a bridal party for one of my other couples! So I was incredibly honored when she contacted me to capture her wedding day up in Redondo Beach, Thank you for trusting me to capture such a special wedding day! Everything was so well planned right down to every seashell and oh my goodness was it a stunning day for a stunning couple! I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I did taking them! XOXO Paige

Amazing Vendors
Venue: American Martyrs Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Portofino Hotel
DJ: Kevin Whan (Vox DJs)
Catering: The Portofino Hotel
Cake Artist: Torrance Bakery
Hair Artist: Monique Muniz (@mnmhairbeauty)
MUA: Erica Gatt (@beautybyericagatt)
Florist: Jane Brinkerhoff-J Flowers
Photobooth: Vox DJs
Dress: Mary Me Bridal
Tux Rental: Nick’s Menswear
Videography: The Voyage Films (Evan Link)
Portofino Hotel Wedding0Portofino Hotel Wedding5Portofino Hotel Wedding6Portofino Hotel Wedding1Portofino Hotel Wedding2Portofino Hotel Wedding3Portofino Hotel Wedding4Portofino Hotel Wedding12Portofino Hotel Wedding7Portofino Hotel Wedding9Portofino Hotel Wedding10Portofino Hotel Wedding11Portofino Hotel Wedding13Portofino Hotel Wedding15Portofino Hotel Wedding14Portofino Hotel Wedding16Portofino Hotel Wedding25Portofino Hotel Wedding17Portofino Hotel Wedding18Portofino Hotel Wedding19Portofino Hotel Wedding20Portofino Hotel Wedding21Portofino Hotel Wedding24Portofino Hotel Wedding23Portofino Hotel Wedding22Portofino Hotel Wedding26Portofino Hotel Wedding27Portofino Hotel Wedding28Portofino Hotel Wedding29Portofino Hotel Wedding30Portofino Hotel Wedding31Portofino Hotel Wedding32Portofino Hotel Wedding33Portofino Hotel Wedding39Portofino Hotel Wedding34Portofino Hotel Wedding35Portofino Hotel Wedding36Portofino Hotel Wedding37Portofino Hotel Wedding38Portofino Hotel Wedding40Portofino Hotel Wedding41Portofino Hotel Wedding42Portofino Hotel Wedding43Portofino Hotel Wedding44Portofino Hotel Wedding45Portofino Hotel Wedding46Portofino Hotel Wedding47Portofino Hotel Wedding48Portofino Hotel Wedding49Portofino Hotel Wedding50Portofino Hotel Wedding51Portofino Hotel Wedding52Portofino Hotel Wedding53Portofino Hotel Wedding55Portofino Hotel Wedding66Portofino Hotel Wedding56Portofino Hotel Wedding59Portofino Hotel Wedding57Portofino Hotel Wedding58Portofino Hotel Wedding61Portofino Hotel Wedding62Portofino Hotel Wedding63Portofino Hotel Wedding64Portofino Hotel Wedding84Portofino Hotel Wedding65Portofino Hotel Wedding67Portofino Hotel Wedding68Portofino Hotel Wedding69Portofino Hotel Wedding70Portofino Hotel Wedding71Portofino Hotel Wedding72Portofino Hotel Wedding73Portofino Hotel Wedding74Portofino Hotel Wedding75Portofino Hotel Wedding76Portofino Hotel Wedding77Portofino Hotel Wedding78Portofino Hotel Wedding79Portofino Hotel Wedding80Portofino Hotel Wedding81Portofino Hotel Wedding82Portofino Hotel Wedding83Portofino Hotel Wedding85Portofino Hotel Wedding93Portofino Hotel Wedding86Portofino Hotel Wedding88Portofino Hotel Wedding89Portofino Hotel Wedding90Portofino Hotel Wedding91Portofino Hotel Wedding92Portofino Hotel Wedding87

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