November 6, 2019

The Missing Fortune Cookie

Sorry, this is an honesty post… For the past five weeks, I am not going to lie have been extremely rough. I had one of the worst cases of Bronchitis that I have had in recent years. All while I had six weddings and mini sessions for the holidays. I was put on several medications, my fatigue was at an all time high when I needed to preform at my best. BUT ultimately felt my worst! I am very thankful that I don’t think anyone of my couples or mini sessions noticed, I put on my big girl pants and tried to rock it as best as I could! I also had to replace my camera after dropping it at a wedding and replace my phone. The most recent upgrade bogged it down so much that it wasn’t functioning! Grrrrr. Which leads to my story!

Last night while I was having my phone replaced at Sprint, I went and got Chinese food for dinner. It was late and was the only place open at the mall. I sat down with my dinner and I have this silly superstition that I have to eat my whole fortune cookie before I read it. I even make Jeff do this, when we get Chinese food together. I go into the bag to look for the cookie and kept looking. I realized that I did not receive my fortune cookie, in all my years I have never had this happen!!!! So Crazy, How did I not receive my fortune. I was sitting at my table completely bummed that I missed out reading that silly little fortune.

Then I began to really think about how I didn’t need no stinking Fortune Cookie to tell me, how amazing next month is going to be or something grand is going to happen next week! Because, I control my fortune, I control my fate, and I am in control of my life! Not some little piece of paper that is mass produced and shoved in a cookie, that doesn’t even taste that great, HA! If I can rock a busy season when I am struggling breathing issues, then I know my next month is going to be amazing! So wanted to share this food for thought!

Let’s have an incredible holiday season and I am forever grateful for how amazing this photography business is! It is a true blessing, I have met so many amazing people around the country, made so many friends, cried happy tears with so many couples, and belly laughed during all the toasts! You all are my Fortune Cookies <3

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