May 26, 2020

Omar & Jen | Summers Past Farms Wedding

Texas Inspired San Diego Wedding

Congratulations Jen and Omar on your beautiful Summer Past Farms Wedding! When I married my husband I knew I was kind of gaining two, Jeff and Omar were a package deal lol! I had known these two for years before we ever started dating. BUT what I didn’t know was I would eventually gain a best friend from Texas as well! These two met on a European Cruise that they both attended with their moms, it was a whirlwind romance! She lived in Texas and he lived in California, a long-distance relationship turned into traveling the world together, buying a home in San Diego, raising two of the sweetest pups, starting a small farm full of chickens & ducks, and to top it off a beautiful intimate wedding!

Ummmm, Can we take a minute and talk about her dress and style! Ahhhhh so much Miranda Lambert Vibes and Flare! Thank you for trusting me to capture your wedding day and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of you! It was so incredibly hard to keep it together while trying to photograph your ceremony lol! I love you guys, looking forward to many more amazing memories together, and wishing you the best XOXO

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