May 3, 2021

Everett | Newborn But Not So Newborn Photos

Hahaha Oh My Word Mr Everett! I have not picked up my camera and taken professional photos of you yet! I am just always snapping away on my phone capturing all the smiles and laughs! But today was the perfect storm <3 You were absolutely exhausted from a day at the San Diego Wild animal Park, the light in your room was amazing, and my camera was out from another photoshoot from this weekend. I cannot believe you let me capture these newborn-style photos! Ya know newborn-style photos at almost 6 months old lol! You are just the silliest, but you have no idea how much I appreciate you letting me capture these! It absolutely melts my heart and makes me totally tear up!

I cannot believe you let me capture this one, I actually even got a full body of this one and it even shows the birthmark on your hip and freckle on your butt 😉 lol! Mommy loves you XOXO

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